Whales, Dolphins & Secrets of the Sea

DolphinWorks | Secrets of the Sea

Your guests will delight in our “Whales, Dolphins, & Secrets of the Sea” program, available on our exciting “Eco-Discovery” ocean adventures. This wonderful two- to three-hour adventure begins from Dana Point Harbor and continues during a 3- to 8-mile excursion up and down the Pacific Coast as we explore the intriguing and magical world of our oceans and her creatures. On-board the 95-foot Dana Pride (149 passengers), the 63-foot luxury, high-speed catamaran, the OCean Adventure (59 passengers), or any vessel of your choice, we weave together stories of mystery, science, and intrigue to paint a full picture of what is happening above and below the surface of our living ocean.

Learn about dolphin society!

Learn about dolphin society!

During this adventure, we typically see California sea lions, dolphins, abundant bird life, and many other types of life at home in our oceans.  We’ll stop in the giant kelp forests, viewing one of the fastest growing plants on Earth (two feet a day), a plant that every one of us has in us or on us right now, as kelp is used in over 200 products that we use daily. We are always on the lookout for the many dolphins that live in the area. The excitement is contagious when guests get close-up observations of these creatures that love to ride our bow wake in front of the vessel. We delve into ancient stories, mystical lore and rare insights into new scientific discoveries about these impressive small-toothed whales and the oceans they call home.

Your clients will be amazed to learn about the sophistication of our dolphin societies, whose members are often seen playing in the waves. We will discuss how dolphin schools operate, how dolphins call each other by name, the elaborate games they play, and the advanced echolocation system that allows dolphins to picture their world in virtual reality even in the dark.

Cruising out to the areas where hundreds of dolphins feed, we will also watch California sea lions within a few feet of the vessel. We often see visiting Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, and Gray Whales right off our shores. These magnificent gentle giants of the ocean are always a thrill to watch as we discuss their extraordinary lives under the sea.

This program is unusual and something most guests have not experienced.  We use comfortable vessels with nice bathrooms, a galley with snacks and beverages available, and plenty of room to move about while observing the fascinating wildlife in this watery wilderness just a few miles off our coastline.

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