Eco-Discovery Walks & Hikes

DolphinWorks | Eco-Discovery Adventures

On our fun and educational “Eco-Discovery” land adventures, we lead your guests along scenic trails through beautiful natural settings such as wilderness areas, wildlife preserves, green-belts just outside of popular destination resorts, state parks, and national parks. As we walk, we weave stories into our experiences, from how native cultures used the plants we walk past for food and medicine, to how our choice of coffee affects the birds we see in these locales and in your own back yard. Together we explore each area’s human history, natural history, and whatever interesting wildlife may cross our path.

We offer our “Eco-Discovery Walking/Hiking Tours” along sparkling coastlines like Crystal Cove, Salt Creek, and Huntington Beach, and turn a stroll down any beach you choose into an exciting adventure. We tour your guests through beautiful protected natural areas including Newport Back Bay, Laguna Coast Wilderness, and others. We can transform a walk from your client’s meeting resort down to the beach and back, such as from the Ritz Carlton or St. Regis in Dana Point, into an eye-opening, fun experience they will remember long after the tour is over. Some of the new desert venues we are offering from Palm Springs to Palm Desert include Andreas Canyon, Palm Canyon, Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument, and Big Morongo Canyon Preserve.

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