DMC Tools

DMC Tools

Our goal is to insure that your clients have a wonderful and satisfying time with us in whatever activity we present. We feel responsible to make sure we look good and that you, the DMC, look good for choosing us.

We hope these tools will help you to efficiently create attractive proposal packages that culminate in your goal of providing great experiences for your most discerning clients.

Program Descriptions & Events

Team Bios

Photo Gallery—Orange County

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Photo Gallery—San Diego County

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Photo Gallery—Palm Springs Area

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Take-Home Gift Ideas

Coastal Sage living plant gift

Coastal Sage living plant gift

We know the challenge that destination managers face of trying to provide unique experiences for such a world-traveled clientele.

One gift idea that we have found to be very popular as a token for our Eco-Discovery nature events is a small, living native plant. The plant can be specially wrapped to easily tuck into a travel bag for the trip home, and we provide an information card that includes both care instructions and the traditional and modern uses of the plant that we have just discussed during our eco-discovery tour.

The plant shown here is Coastal Sage, native to low, rolling hills in coastal regions from California to Baja. This remembrance can be used for events such as those offered at Crystal Cove, Laguna Wilderness, Torrey Pines, and other coastal venues where guests on our tours experience this intriguing plant through touch and smell. This aromatic shrub has been long considered a valued and respected component of healthy living by many generations of native peoples and early Californians. Especially for coastal Native American Indians, this plant was historically a life-long partner to all women who lived wherever Coastal Sage grew (think of an ancient-times Midol). A tea of the stems and leaves was used by women at the beginning of each menstrual period to prevent pain and ease monthly symptoms, and used during childbirth to ease labor pains and delivery. This tea was also used after giving birth to hasten post-natal recovery, as well as being used to lessen menopausal symptoms. Tea was given to one-day-old babies to cleanse their system.

Native Plant Gift and Care & Uses Card

Native Plant Gift and Care & Uses Card

Externally, a decoction (boiled leaves and stems) was used as a bath for rheumatism, coughs, and colds. The plant was applied as a poultice to aching teeth and wounds. For asthma, a poultice of the plant was applied to the back, or a tea was taken internally. Some tribes burned the bushes with white sage in ceremonial fires before hunting. Early Spanish Californians regarded coastal sage as a panacea, using it in tea for bronchial troubles, or as a wash for wounds and swellings. It was also used by early miners to drive fleas from their beds. Today hunters rub the aromatic leaves on their clothing to mask their human smell from deer. A pleasant smell, like that of Coastal Sage, can help people remember long-lost memories. Aromatherapy is a very powerful way of bringing back pleasant memories.

This gift token can be handed out after the tour, or presented at meal events after the tour is completed. Either way, this token has proven to bring smiles to your guests, many of whom have asked where they can get the native plants we have just discussed on their tour.

Quotes & Kudos

DolphinWorks event for CEO Event in La Jolla

“On behalf of the Chief Executives Organization (CEO) and the Nostalgia Seminar participants, we would like to thank you for your contribution to the education program.

The Seminar proved to be a great success, and the education program was widely acclaimed. Your session on the California coast and the interactive walk that followed were informative and insightful. It added to our members’ enjoyment of the lovely natural environment in the area and the program as a whole. Comments from attendees to the session in evaluations ranged from “Most informative. Good speaker. Enthused about his subject and imparts that to his audience,” to “Very positive approach to global warming – no ‘finger pointing’ – extremely knowledgeable – good resource.”

Your participation truly enhanced the overall event, and we greatly appreciate the time you took to be with the group during the seminar. Should we be able to assist you with future projects, please do not hesitate to call upon us.”

Senior Manager, Education
Chief Executives Organization
Bethesda, Maryland

Power of Plants event for Pelican Hill Resort:

“I met you on the trip a few weeks ago in Newport on the Segway tour. I just wanted to say that you are such an inspirational and knowledgeable person in so many ways. The eco, history, and spiritual aspect of the tour really hit home with me especially as a New York City boy, and someone who, recently, sincerely enjoys getting more acquainted with Mother Nature. Because of you, I looked into some classes at Botanical Gardens in NYC.

Thank you for your genuine kindness and inspiration. People who meet you, and listen and absorb, are very fortunate.

I wish you well and hope I can participate in your classes when I am back in beautiful sunny CA.”

Director of National Accounts, Pelican Hill Resort

Quotes about Doug Thompson:

“ … environmentalist extraordinaire.”
The Los Angeles Times

“ … an outstanding job on our television show; our viewers were most impressed.”
The Everywhere Show, NBC

“ … Doug Thompson not only has superb documentary footage of wildlife, but he also provides outstanding narration.”
Point Reyes National Seashore Park, CA

“ … experience, warmth and charm …extremely proud that you are a very important part of the Rancho La Puerta family of guest lecturers.”
Rancho La Puerta Health Spa, Mexico

“ … a wealth of experience and knowledge,”
The Cousteau Society

“ … exceptionally knowledgeable and motivating speaker.”
Dir. of Research Sponsored Projects, Cal State University, Los Angeles, CA

“ … Ecologist Supreme, credentialed naturalist, writer, award-winning documentary film-maker, photojournalist, lecturer, hot storyteller …above all, a man at peace with the planet.”
The Orange County Register

“…provocative and informative…not only our best read feature columnist, but the only one to warrant fan mail!”
California Riviera Magazine

Quotes about Robin Kobaly:

“…Robin, I look forward to years of collaboration.”
Jane Goodall, Ph.D, CBE, UN Messenger of Peace

“Don’t leave California without going on a tour with Robin Kobaly. She’s one of the best.”
Bruce Babbitt, Former Secretary of the Interior, Washington D. C.

“You are a legend in your own time. What an incredible touch and spirit you bring to everything near you…”
Kit Kimball, Dir., External & Intergovernmental Affairs. U. S. Dept of the Interior. Washington D.C.

“I just wish we could ‘clone’ you to other parts of the State and the Bureau.”
Mike Pool, California State Dir., Bureau of Land Management, U. S. Dept of the Interior

“Thank you, once again, for sharing your vast knowledge of natural history and your contagious enthusiasm in training our staff. We look forward to your sessions every year…”
Joshua Tree National Park

“…what a great morning we spent with you and what a treat to share your passion for nature.”
California Archaeological, Site Stewardship Program

 “Robin Kobaly’s environmental education program at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve received the highest public approval rating of any Bureau of Land Management site in the Nation….”
Results of Year 2000 Visitor Use Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington D. C. 

Corporate Client List (Partial)

DolphinWorks has partnered with Destination Management Companies to create memorable Eco-Discovery experiences for these companies, and more.

American Bar Association
Avon International
Boise Cascade
British Petroleum
Chemical Manufacturing Association
Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
Ford Motor Company
Fortune 500 Enterprises
Frank Russel – FRTC Group
General Electric
General Motors
Healthways Communication
Hewlett Packard
Household International
Magazine Publishers of America
Mayo Clinic

Metpath Corporation
Nabisco International
National Association of Realtors
Nissan Presidents Club
ONEX Corporation
Price Waterhouse
Quaker Oats International
Toyota International
UNISYS Corporation
Western Digital Corporation
Western Union
Young Presidents Organization (YPO)

Cal. Dept. of Forestry
Cal. Native Plant Society
Cal. Retired Teachers Ass’n
Cal. State BLM Mgmt Committee
Cal. State University, LA
College of The Redwoods
Desert Institute – Joshua Tree NP
Golden West College
National Audubon Society
National Park Service
Natural Science Collaborative
Orange Coast College
Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
Point Reyes National Seashore
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
The Living Desert
UC, Irvine California
U.S Forest Service


Our pricing remains the same as it has for the last several years for each event for up to 20 guests, except for our boat adventures, where we charge the same 20-guest fee no matter how many guests participate (up to the number of guests as the vessel is licensed to carry). If there are over 20 guests, we require a second naturalist for an additional fee. We accept all major credit cards.

Please call (760) 832-4397 or email us through our Contact Page to get a quote for your event.

Insurance & Permits

We are fully insured for all of our activities, with our policy automatically renewing each February. We always secure the proper permits required for each venue, such as in State Parks, and submit all the paperwork from our office, so you can rest assured that each event through DolphinWorks is legal and permitted. We do add the exact cost of the permit to the fee for your event, but we do not charge for our time to process the permits. Your company is responsible for any parking fees, based on the size of the coach or van used.


We will require a contract (signed invoice) with a deposit to hold the event date thirty days prior to the event, but will not require a cancellation fee if the event is cancelled at least three days prior to the event. The only exception to this is for events at Crystal Cove State Park, since we are required to apply and pay for a state park event permit ten days prior to the event date. For events at Crystal Cove State Park, we require a fifty percent deposit at least two weeks in advance. We accept all major credit cards.

If a Crystal Cove event is cancelled at least three days before the event date, any deposits are refundable excluding the event permit fee paid to the State Park ($111 for 2016), as this fee is non-refundable from the State.

Cancellation Policy

We will not require a cancellation fee if the event is cancelled at least three days prior to the event. Within three days of the event, the entire event fee is due even if the event is cancelled. The only exception is when inclement weather is forecast for the event day. We will then wait until twenty-four hours before the event day and ask the DMC/client to make a decision as to whether or not to cancel. If the client decides to go forward with the event twenty-four hours before the event, regardless of weather predictions, and the weather does prevent the event, then the entire amount is due. If the client decides to cancel twenty-four hours before the event date because of predicted inclement weather, then no cancellation fee is due, and any deposit paid will be refunded (except for State Park permit fees, which are not refundable).